Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MTC: Week 2

Hello everyone!

It's true when they say that the MTC messes up your sense of time. I have only been gone for 5 days but it feels like a month! We have been very busy; the elders here usually get up around 5, so we are up very, very early and it is very annoying;)
My companion is Elder Larson and he is from Morgan.  We get along very well and he is a great guy and an amazing companion. The food here is very bad. For every meal we have chicken and rice so you can say I don't eat much anymore any more and I am losing quite a bit of weight. But we got pizza at the mall today and man was it good to taste greasy American like food!
 Elder Legerski in the "row" second from the top
Elder Larson, his companion, is right below him
This was the group of missionaries that arrived at the Ghana MTC on September 18

The Elders here are great and so friendly. However they need to go to bed at 10:30 and not at midnight because they are very, very loud! Everyone here loves to sing. We look like a bunch of babies back home because they love to sing as loud as they can. Most of them love us. They are always coming into our room at night and asking about our lives and what it is like in America. They all think I am a big and strong white man:)
 Elder Whitt, Elder Miller, Elder Larson and Elder Legerski
Visiting the Ghana Temple for the first time
 We got to go to the temple today and that was great. After being here for a week it was great being able to slow things down and relax and have a great spititual experience.
The language is going okay we have learned a lot for only 3 days of being taught. We have learned introductions, prayers, and also how to testify in French. We practice in our free time all of the time so we can learn the language as fast as we can.
The only bad thing is that we do not have much time to read the scriptures. I have come to love reading them and also to pray as that helps me get through the long days and it strengthens me so I may bear the burdens I have. The spirit here is just amazing! There is nothing like it, but it is very overwhelming the first few days. I was very homesick at first but the more I stay busy and the longer I am here, the less it gets because the Lord is helping me.

 Elder Legerski (in the blue) enjoying a little bball
at the Ghana MTC
I love activities because we play basketball against the French speaking Elders and they just love it! It is very humid outside, but most of the time we have air conditioning. The native Elders here all wash their clothes in the bathroom in tubs and it seems very strange but it is how they all do it. I am really enjoying it here and I hope to talk to you all soon! My p-day will usually be Tuesday or Wednesday.
I now only have 5 weeks left here so I am very happy I am that much closer to going out and teaching people. One thing we did not get was an outlet converter for here, but they may be different in my mission so I will wait to get one. The boundraies changed so next time I will tell you which countries my card needs to be opened for. I take my malaria pills every night so I am very safe:) I hope you are all doing well; I am sending prayers your way. I love you all so much!
Elder Legerski

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hi Mom and Dad!
Its Elder Legerski!! I have my name tag now so I am all official. The flight over here stunk. On the plane ride to Denver it wasn't too bad. But then after that it got very boring. Sitting all alone in an airport was not fun at all. But luckily the time passed very fast and I was on the plane to London. Now talk about a crappy flight! It was so long and the guy behind me kept kicking the back of my chair so I couldn't sleep very well. But they gave me quite a bit of food (even though it was pretty crappy). I already miss Mc Donalds and Cafe Rio quite a bit.
After I got off the plane in London, I found my next gate pretty easily. Sorry I did not call, I only had about 40 minutes in between flights and I only had about 5 minutes of downtime while waiting for my plane. There I met up with several missionaries. They were nice and we hung out and talked. There were a few of us that were going to the MTC, but most of them were on their way to Ghana. 
I met Elder Larson there who is my companion. He is very nice and we get along well so that's all good. I sat next to him on the flight to accra and it was only he and I in a row of 3 so we had plenty of room. That flight was long as well. As you can tell, I'm already sick of flying. Even though it was 6 hours instead of 9, it seemed to be way longer.
When I got to Accra, the first thing we saw was a station like the one off of "I Am Legend" that I presume scanned for ebola, with guys in uniforms. It is so hot and humid here, I think I'll lose weight no problem. There are only 6 white guys in the whole MTC so you can say we stick out a bit. There are 6 people to a room. Last night I had my panic moment and I wanted to quit and go home right then, but I know that will pass. Downtime stinks because my mind wanders, but I can't wait to get to work. I'll be in the MTC for 6 weeks, so hopefully they fly by so I can start serving. I have my (malaria) pills so I'll be okay. Well, I gotta go so I'll email you as soon as I can. I can't wait! I love you all so much!
Elder Legerski
First selfie as Elder Legerski:)