Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Big 21 for Elder Legerski!!

Hello everyone,
How are you!? I'm doing well over here in Cameroon. This last week seemed to be so long because we had so much going on, but unfortunately it was not teaching people!
We were blessed to have President Monga come to our sector this Thanksgiving weekend. So on Wednesday, we had interviews with him and he is just awesome! He is so nice and understanding and just wants us to do the best that we can do.
The Zone with Sister & Pres. Monga, Elder Lono, & Sister Coleman

His wife sister Monga came with him as well and she picked our apartment  apart! We thought we were doing a good enough job cleaning it but it was not good enough so we have to step up our game!

Sister Monga's Apartment Inspection with
Elder West and Elder Legerski

Then on Thursday, which was Thanksgiving, we headed over early in the morning to the Coleman's apartment and had a zone conference and it was really good! We were blessed to have a member of the 70 there and even though he spoke only in French, you could feel the spirit. Then after that we had a great meal that was prepared by the Colemans. They somehow found a turkey and made stuffing and green bean casserole so it was almost like an American Thanksgiving! Then for dessert, they found root beer so we had root beer floats and apple pie and it was so good!! I don’t think I have ever been that full in my life.
Thanksgiving at the Coleman's
Bless their hearts!!!

After the meal, we went to a huge marche to search for soccer jerseys! It was a lot of fun but it was also so frustrating! Everyone here yells at you and says les blach les blach and it really sucks! Or they yell nee haw at us because they think we are chineese. But we were able to get our jerseys at a decent price and I love them!

The Elders vs the Relief Society

Elder Larson and Elder Legerski in
their brand spankin' new soccer jerseys

Other than that the week was pretty good. We have a lot of investigators but it is so hard to teach over here. You have to put the gospel in such simple terms and it is so hard.

Monday (my 21st birthday) was good! I feel so old now! But I guess I have to grow up just a tiny bit more! I'm so thankful for the package that my family sent I waited for 2 days to open it and I am glad that I did! I loved everything in there and it was so good...thank you so much!!!!

The Knot Display at the
Maritime Museum 

Sorry for not emailing on Monday; we had a museum tour on Tuesday so we changed our p-day to Tuesday and the museum tour went great and after we had schwarmas which are so good!


Now I'm just at the café emailing. This week has been a good one but it has been tough as well. Let's hope that the next one is better! I'm so thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and how He can strengthen me.

Well that’s all for this week... I'll be trying to send lots of pictures with this email. I hope everyone is well and someone go run and work off all this Thanksgiving weight for me!

Much love,
Elder Legerski

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