Monday, April 13, 2015

When Weird Becomes Normal, You're Officially a Missionary

Hello everyone!

   How are you doing!? This is Elder Legerski coming from a very hot Africa! This week has still been very hot, just like the other ones and the rain hasn't quite started yet. Everyone that we talk to tells us a different story for the rainy season and none of them match up, so I have no idea when the rain will come...I just hope that it will be coming soon because I don't like being hot all of the time!

   You know, it's really hard to find a lot of things to write about when you come on your mission. At first, everything is so weird and not normal that you just want to tell your family all about it. But then, after awhile, really weird things become normal and you are finally immersed into missionary life. And all of the sudden, all things that have to deal with the mission seem so normal, and then you find that you have absouletly nothing to write home about!

The Elders with the desks put back in after they finished
the concrete floors in a classroom at a local school

    But I still have 2 things that I want to write about. First was during my personal day my head just wasn't in it and for some reason, I just felt a little off. So I said a quick prayer and asked God if He would help me out. So after that, I opened my Book of Mormon and I had a thought about 3 Nephi 11.  I shrugged it off at first, but then I thought, "I'll just go and read there". And as I did, I read about how the Nephite people could not understand the voice of Heavenly Father that they were hearing and it happened 2 more times until they opened their ears and faced their eyes toward the heavens. This really helped me. It made me realize that I need to keep my eyes on this marvelous work and to open up my spiritual ears so that I may be able to listen to the whisperings of the spirit. I know that God answers prayers and that the best way to search for the response is in the sciptures, so if any of you have a question go to God and then to His word.

    Secondly, I want to talk about une amie we have been teaching. We have met with this amie for 2 months and several times we have asked her to pray concerning Joseph Smith and ask if he is a true prophet. She has refused time and time again. She said that she never will and that we talk about Joseph Smith too much. The first thing I want to say is how heart broken I was when I heard that she wouldn't. This is a reality of this work; we all wish to share the happiness and the truth that we have but there will be people who will not accept it. And it really stinks, especially when you have a relationship with this person. Also, I want to talk about why Joseph Smith is so important to this church. He is the prophet of the Restoration. He was given the keys and power by Peter, James, and John to restore the church of Christ on this earth. With this power, we can now seal things on this earth, as well as in heaven. I encourage all of you who have not listened to" Joseph Smith" by Neil L Anderson, to do so.   I myself know that Joseph Smith is a prophet because I have prayed and asked God. I encourage you all to ask God as well.  Seek for the truth in this life.

    Well, that's about all for this week! The Mission President will be coming soon, so I'll have lots to talk about next week! Once again, thank you so much for all of the people who wrote me....I hope you all have a really good week! I also want to say Happy Birthday to my older sister Megann! Hope you had a good one! Thank you all once again and someone go make some stuffed hamburgers for me:)

Elder Legerski

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