Monday, November 16, 2015

Tout Ira Bien...(All Will Be Well)

Dear family and are you this week!

   This week was a really good week for us here, even though it was really tough! Well, I have started training with Elder Dou, who is from the Ivory Coast, and he is really amazing! I like working with him a lot! So, we are here in Brazzaville, which is the center of the mission! The Senior Missionaries are the Nelsons and they are really awesome. But they are at the mission office all of the time, so we don't see them a lot and most things are done by the assistants or the zone leaders here. I'm in a house with 5 other missionaries and I really like it. I am with Elders Dou, Lubanzila, Kabeya, Izere, and Mannase and I really like all of them! The power is pretty good, but we don't have air conditioners and have no washer, no microwave and no water heater and its really hot! But hey--that's Africa! But I really like it here.

   We are in a sector that is well, to be frank, really hard! We spent most of our days looking for amis' houses because adresses here pretty much don't exist and also, we have been contacting a lot which is really tiring because you are in the sun all day long! And to add onto that, I got sick this Thursday and spend a good part of my day in the bathroom:( As all of this has been going on, it's been really hard and at the start of the week, I was really stressed but then I decided to follow the motto "tout ira bien" which means all will be well. We decided to just be as obedient as we can and to just go out and work! And I feel like this is what we are suppossed to do.  I have really focused myself on having Christ as my foundation and having hope, a hope which leads to faith and faith which leads to action. As I have been doing that, it has really been helping me. Also, not complaining and and just knowing that the Lord has placed me here has helped, and knowing that there is something that I need to learn here and I just need to find what it is. The Lord will help us grow in hard times.

   But time is short here, so I'm sorry that my letters are short. But I keep my journal every day and one day we will have lots of time to talk about these things. I love you so much and know that I pray for you everyday!! Go and hug someone you love for me this week! I love you all and I thank you so much for all that wrote to me this week...I wish you a good week and keep on going!

Elder Legerski

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