Monday, November 2, 2015

He Will Make Us Greater Than We Could Ever Make Ourselves

    Hello everyone back home!  Thank you so very much for the emails this week; I really appreciate it! As for our week here in Congo, it was really good. It felt a little weird to be back in the sector working full time, but it also felt really good. We had a really good week which ended in a baptism on Saturday and it was a solid week.

   This week we had Josna who was baptized. She has been an ami for a year but her family didn’t want her to be a member of the church, so she had to wait over a year and a half.  But finally she was baptized and it was a really good moment for all of us. Even though it took Elder Tshibanda 3 times to get her all the way under and 2 times for the confirmation, it was all good in the end:) It really strengthened my testimony of ordinances because they are so important and so necessary for us so that we can have salvation. Even though its really stressful, its all worth it in the end.

   But this week I had a really cool experience. It was fast Sunday and it was the hottest day by far this week.  All of our appointments were falling through and when we taught, we didn’t feel the spirit and because of that, I got really frustrated and irritated. Sometimes even though you do all that you can, you don’t see any fruits of your labors. You do all that you can to help people, but still they don’t accept your message. But as I kneeled down to end my fast, I realized that I just need to do my best and do all that I can to help those around me. Maybe it's not exactly how I want it to be and it might not be perfect, it's all worth it in the end. And as I prayed, I felt all of those negative feelings  go away and they were replaced by understanding. It's amazing what we can do when we put our trust in the Lord. He will make us greater than we could ever make ourselves.

   Also, today we had to say goodbye to our beloved Elder Kabongo. We have been in the same zone for 5 transfers and the same district for 4 and he was an amazing Elder and we are all going to miss him!

Elder Kabongo, Elder Bacera, Elder Kabasele, Elder Waite, Elder Kabenga,
Elder Larson, Elder Tchibanda and Elder Legerski.

   But that’s all for this week folks! We are getting transfer letters this week, so we will see if I will be leaving Pointe Noire after a long 7 month stay! For a challenge, go eat something at Café Rio! I love you all so much!

Elder Legerski

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