Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in the Congo

Dear family and friends,
   How are you all doing!? I hope that you all had a great Christmas with your families! Thank you so much to all of you that wrote me this week...I really appreciate it! This week was really good, but it was a really tiring one because missionary work is really slow during the weeks with lots of holidays! But it was still very good and the Lord blessed us here in Congo.

   The highlight of the week had to be Christmas day! We got up and did the normal things, but I got to open up the package that my parents sent me and it was amazing! I especially like the cookie butter and I am eating it very wisely because it needs to last me a long time! And everyone in the apartment loved their ties and they all said thank you for the gift! Also,I found shirts that were really cheap so I got each person a shirt and gave it to them and they were all really happy and we all took photos and drank sparkling cider together. After, we got together and sang Christmas hymns because Africans really like to sing and it was a lot of fun. After that we just hung out at the apartment all day and did little things and talked. I worked on making my bead tie which Elder Mannasse showed me how to make and it was sick! And after that we headed to the mission offica and I got to talk with the family! It felt really good to see them and talk with them and now I only have 1 Skype left before I go home so I'm slowly becoming old! After that, the Nelsons gave us pizza that they had cooked and it was soooo goooood! I haven't eaten that in almost 3 months I would say! But that was the end to our Christmas day here in Bascongo!!

   As for our amis, they are doing really well. Here in Africa, Christmas is a holiday for kids and not adults. When we were talking with one of our amis, before the lesson her daughter came up and put all the gifts that she got on my lap and she was really happy to show me them! Then we talked with her mom about the law of chastity because she lives with someone she's not married to and we challenged her to talk with him and pick a date to be married and to pay the dot (dowry)! Then on Sunday she told us that she had talked with him and with her mom and then she got a really, really good job offer which was amazing! If we will just put our trust in the Lord then He will work miracles in our lives! 

   This week I ponderized Luke 2:10-11 which talks about the birth of Christ. And in doing that, I thought of when the angel said that the news will be unto all people. The news of Christ is good news to all people and we all have need of Him and as we let Him into our life and surrender ourselves to Him, He will make us stronger than ever before.

   But that's all for this week! For a challenge, go drink some creme soda for New Years Eve! I love you so much and I'll see you next year!

Elder Legerski

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