Monday, December 14, 2015

Temple Marriage and Church Attendence: So Important:)

Hello my family and friends!
   How are you doing!? Well, while you are all really cold and freezing, here its really, really hot! Now I get cold even with the fan at night, so I can  say that I am adapting! But this week was really good, as all weeks are on the mission! This time of the year is really awesome to work! This week we met a lot of good people and had a lot of good experiences!

  This week we got to meet Sister Juvette, who is the woman that our former elder's quorum President wants to marry and she is now becoming really interested in the church. The main topic that she wanted to talk about was the temple because she has heard a lot about it, but she was confused about why we had to go to the temple. While we talked to her about the temple,  I really felt the importance of a temple marriage and how thankful I am for the chance that we had to go to the temple as a family! 

   Also, we were talking with Nancy, who is the daughter of a non-active member, and she couldn't come to church this Sunday because she had chores to do at home and she was really sad that she couldn't make it to church and it really stuck me because going to church might seem like such a little thing, but this little thing makes such a big impact on our lives. 

   But that was our week in a wrap! Not everything is perfect, but we still have to keep going out and helping people and sharing this Gospel! This coming week we have a lot of meetings for the mission and it will be a lot of fun! Last week, I "ponderized":
Jacob 4:6,7?lang=eng#5 and this week, it will be 
and as I am doing this, I am trying to find ways that I can become like Moroni and also like Christ. 

   Thank you so much for all the emails and I hope all of you college students have survived finals! I love you all so much and I'll see you in 7 short days again!

Elder Legerski

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