Monday, July 18, 2016

New Missionaries and Family Missionary Work

Hello everyone!!!
   This week was a really amazing week! But before I start, I just want to thank everyone that wrote me this week and for my big sis, Meg, a good recovery from her crash! This week was really busy since we had new missionaries coming! We got to see Elder Pito and Sister Avajon and they are really awesome!
   Unfortunately, we were really busy with meetings all week long, so we didn't have much time to be in the sector. But we did have an activity where we taught the members how to do missionary work and it went really well; we are hoping to help a lot of people do missionary work among their friends and in their family! And then on Sunday, we went out with the Bills and visited inactive members with them and it went really well! It was so cool to be with them and to see them teach and I learned a lot doing it; also, I felt like a US missionary because I was in a car! But other than that it was just a normal week!
   We have a zone conference this week with Elder Ellis and it should be amazing! I love to learn the lessons given by general authorities! I love you all so much and I wish you a really great week! For a challenge this week, go and eat mac and cheese with hot dogs for me!

Elder Legerski

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