Monday, January 26, 2015

Holy Cow it's Hot!!

Hello everyone!
How are you doing!? Everything is going really well here in Africa and I'm loving it as always! The big thing for this week has been the heat! January and February are the hottest months of the year so its been killer hot out in the sector! I'm just always used to being soaked through with sweat from head to toe now.
This week has been a really normal one and I don't have lots of time so its going to be a shorter letter! The big thing from this week was we had the APs to the President come and visit us!! The one who stayed with us was named Elder Bybee and he was such an awesome guy! He has only been out for 10 months but his French is already so goood! He went on splits with us and it was awesome to see how he worked and I learned a lot!

The APs and the Bonaberi Elders

Other than that it was a really normal week here in the Bonaberi branch! I got the package that my mom sent and it was amazing! I have already eaten all of the elk jerkey and it was fantastic!! And everyone loved their presents that my mom made...we just don't know where to put them!! Thank you so much Mom for everything!
Oh and Happy Birthday to my little sister Skya; she is the big 14! Crazy to think that when I come back she will be able to drive!! And speaking of that, 4 years ago I crashed my mom's bug. I've come a long ways since then.
Once again, sorry it was so short. I hope all is well back home. I love you all! Someone go eat some cheese for me! Cheese here is super expensive so we don't get it much!

Elder Legerski

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