Monday, February 2, 2015

Destination: Akwa

This week was a really busy week for us Elders here in Bonaberi!!! We will start off with the really exciting news. I am getting transfered!  There are 3 Elders leaving from our apartment and Elder Larson is the only one who is staying. Elder Rakato is going back to Yaundai and Elder West and I are going to Akwa or into town. Akwa is still in Douala but it is the more inner city so it should be a lot of fun! My new companion is Elder Mweheu, and those of you who got to skype with me have already met him!! He is from the DRC and he only speaks French so this should help out with my French a lot!! I'm curious to see how it goes but I'm sure it will be great.

The Bonaberi Elders open their transfer letters
Since I only had a few days left, I did my best to go around after church and take as many picures as I could!! I'm really going to miss the people here in Bonaberi; it is a great branch and I have formed many friendships here. Also, since an Elder in Akwa is going home on Thursday, President Monga came to interview him and it was so nice to finally meet with him again and be able to talk with him!!

Elder Legerski and une amie:)
 Also, Julian had his baptismal interview and he is going to be baptized not this Saturday, but
next!! I won't be here which really stinks, but we will be able to come over and see it, which I am very grateful for! Its been great to meet with him from day one and to see him progess and grow and I can't wait till I see him get baptized. Also, we Elders took a visit to the tailor and got all of our big fat white shirts tailored!!! It is very, very cheap here so we thought that it would be something good so hopefully you can't see my belly in any of the pictures! Other than that, the highlight of this week was going on splits with Elder Larson again. I love going on splits with him and I'm really sad that I won't be with him anymore.

The highlight of our day today was teaching a man whose name was Sylvestre and he is very interested in our message. He has been investigating the church for more than 6 months and he has a lot of questions.  He knows the Bible really well, so teaching him is really difficult sometimes. But as we were talking with him and answering his questions, he came up with more and more and finally after almost an hour and a half, we wrapped up the message. And this end part is what I want to talk about. He said that he wants us to prove to him that this church is true and we had to explain to him that WE can't do that. OUR job as missionaries is to teach and to invite and lead them up to a certain point and from that point on, it is all God's work. Our job is to teach the principles of the gospel, but it is God's job to tell them that they are true. I think that is something that gets lost in our work a lot of times. People see the missionaries and they see what they do, but what they don't realize is that the people who join this church are not forced. We tell them to pray to God and to ask Him in the name of Jesus Christ if this church is true. That is our purpose. Lead them to a point and then let God do the rest.
I'm so glad that I am here on a mission; it has been the best experience of my life so far. I hope that I can work and work and do all that I can to be the best Elder that I can be. I know this church is true and that Jesus Christ is the path to eternal life. I hope everyone had and will have a good week.
Someone go drink a Dr. Pepper for me:)

Elder Legerski

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