Monday, February 23, 2015

Setting the Bar High

Hello everyone!!
How are you doing!? Everything is just going great here over in Akwa!! This week was a very busy one for us.  First off, I want to thank Aunt Debbie for the letter that she sent; it was much appreciated! Also, thank you so much for everyone that emailed me; it was much appreciated as well! But I will just go ahead and hit on some of the highlights.
Zone Meeting
This Wednesday we went over to the Coleman's apartment for a zone meeting. While we were there, we learned a lot of new things as well as went over some old ones. At first, we went over the rules for our mission that President Monga has set. A few of which were getting up at 5:30 every morning, as well as spending only an hour at cyber and only sending two emails. After that we talked about some new goals that were set. President Monga has set the goal of finding 4 new families by transfer and also to baptize 5 people per transfer! Now if any of you have served, you know that 5 baptisms per transfer is a lot. And over here in Africa, finding families are a little difficult and then when the marriage part comes in, it makes it even more difficult! But here is where  the Lord comes in. As missionaries you set a ton of goals and you work towards them. Now I know why people say set goals:) I have seen the difference I can make in my studies and in the work if I work towards them. Also, something important here is the family aspect. President Monga realized how essential families are in our branches, and why is that? Because we as a church believe that the family is the base of all things and it is ordained of God. Also, with the power of the restored priesthood we can live forever as families. I miss my family so much but I hope that as I work, I will be able to bring this blessing to other families over here in Africa. So as a mission, we will be working together to accomplish the goals of President Monga.

Secondly, I want to follow up on Saloman, who I told you a little about in my last email. We met with him on this last Tuesday and we read Moroni 10:1-5 and asked him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. During his prayer, I prayed probably the hardest that I have ever prayed in my life that he would receive an answer. As we met with him again on Thursday, he said that he had received an answer and he knew the Book of Mormon was true. When he said this I was so happy! I know that if someone will read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true, He will send an answer to you. I also know that God answers prayers because he answered mine as well as Salomon's.

This past Sunday was full of activities for me. About 5 minutes before church started, I was asked to give a talk. (And I thought that being asked the night before was bad, even when it was in English!) But being a good missionary, I said yes. Luckily, we have sacrament meeting last so I had 2 hours to prepare. I got up and spoke for about 15 minutes I think, so it wasn’t that bad! I just hope everyone understood my French!! Also, after church we went and taught an ami named Samuel. Elder Mwehu told me before that I would be teaching the bulk of the lesson. And I did it! I taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then committed him to baptism!

This next week we have President Monga, as well as President Cook from our area presidency, coming so it should be a very busy week. I hope all is well back home and life is going good! Someone go eat some mint oreos for me!

Elder Legerski

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