Monday, July 13, 2015

He Knows Your Heart

Hello are you doing!?

   Everything is going really well here in the Congo! It's a little hot as usual but I'm loving it all the same! It sounds like you all got quite a bit of rain.  I have not lived through the rainy season yet, but hopefully I will get to experience one quite soon! I would like to say thank you to all of the people who emailed me; I can't tell you how much it means to me when I open up my email and I get to see all the people who emailed me!

   But as far as this week it went really well! We have a lot of solid amis who are doing very very well! Alex was just baptized this last week and it was a really good service that we were able to have! She was really excited and her Mom and Grandma were even able to come to the baptismal service! Also, we were able to talk with Jean and his wife and we had a really good rendez-vous.  Here in Pointe Noire the church is really badly understood and many think that people are sacrificed and were are a church of magicians; as we all know none of that is true! But Jean had a friend from a former church come and talk to him and say all of these bad things about the church and Jean told us how he told his friend that this church does not do those things and that this is the true church. He told us how when he talks with us and when he comes to church, he feels like he is at home and that he is really on the path that God wants him to be upon.

  All of our other amis are doing really well also! Our amis are kinda going down because we have been baptizing so we are on the search for people that God has prepared for us!

   But I thought I would share a little story today. It is a story that Beri Mon Ami shared in his talk. He talked about a young boy and how he used to pray with his parents every night. But when the boy was five years old, both of his parents died. But he still knew that he needed to pray everyday. As he went to school every day, he kneeled down in the same spot and he prayed to God, but when he spoke he said the alphabet.  He started with a b c d and said it all until z and then he got up and went to school. When he would come back from school, he would kneel down in the same spot and he would say the alphabet again. A man noticed this and one day he walked to the boy and asked him why he said the alphabet. The boy replied that his parents had died and they hadn't had the chance to teach him how to pray, so he kneeled down and said the alphabet. But he said that God will take these letters and he will make words and he will put these words into sentences because I know that He knows the will of my heart and what I feel and what I want to say to Him.  I really like this because it shows how we need to just pray with our heart and God will always understand
   Lately it's been a little tough for me. Sometimes the mission is a little tough and you gotta grind it out, but I found that as I took my time in personal prayer morning and night, that my days started to get better and I started to be happier. As I focused on my feelings and the people that I love, I find that I spend a long time on my knees.  But I'm not praying, I'm just talking with my Father who is in heaven.

   But that's all for this week folks! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you all next week! We will be getting out transfer letters this week so we will see how that goes, if I will go or if I will stay! I know I will be getting a new companion though!

   Someone go eat a grilled chicken burrito from Taco Johns for me!

Elder Legerski

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