Monday, July 20, 2015

I Will Go, I Will Do

Ah, hello everyone in America!

  How are you!? Well this past week has been an amazing on! As for me, I am still staying here in this sector and I will be getting a new companion... Elder Museku and I should be going to the airport to pick him up any second now! But unfortunately, this means that Elder Larson and I are now separated. The Lord has called him to Gabon where he will go and do the Lord's will. It's very sad and we really wanted to go together, but as Sister Monga told me, we need to be apart to grow which is very true so we told each other goodbye and that we will see each other in a year!

The Zone as of the last transfer...
Elder Tchibanda, Elder Kabenga, Elder Bacera, Elder Waite, Elder Kabongo, Elder Legerski, Elder Larson, and 
Elder Kabasele

The Bills (our new Senior Couple:)

   This won't be a super long letter but I'll do my best with the time that I have. First off, I want to talk about an ami, Justavain. We started with her the first day with Elder Tshibanda and at first, it was really hard with her and she didn't talk much and didn't show much interest in the lessons. Her father and brother are members and they have been doing a good job encouraging her, but it just wasn't working. We didn't see her last week because we were so busy but she did come to church because of her family. And when we went to teach her this week with her brother, she was soooo different! She was smiling and laughing and she had read the Book of Mormon and came with questions for us and it has just been so amazing! It just shows how important church is for us all! But she said she will be baptized so we are looking forward to it at the end of this transfer! Also in our sector, we have Jean and his wife...we had to push back their baptism date because of the district conference, but they will be getting baptized this Saturday which will be such an amazing moment for this branch! 

   As I mentioned, we just formed the district and it was so amazing...there was so many people there for the meeting and we had 19 amis who came! It was such a privilege to get to see the creation of this district and it just shows how God's work is progressing on this earth. 

    As my old companion leaves and goes back to his home, I would just like to talk about the lesson that he taught me. As we went to the amis houses, they were always so happy to see him and they always talked to him. And I as I watched and observed, I saw that he just truly loved the people! Just with all of his heart. And as I saw this, I tried to do it myself because love is so important for us as missionaries. And I have a really hard time showing people that I love them. It's just how I am. But I want everyone back home to know that even though you may not know it, I love you all so much! I just can't express how much! But I know that as we have this love and we just go through our lives, loving that life will be a lot better for us and we will be so much happier. 

    But that's the end for this week everyone! Just wanted to say happy birthday to Megan and Rylee ( Bunny)! I hope you didn't have too much fun! Also to Leanna...I got all of the pictures and I danced with joy when I saw them! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me emails; I love you all! Also a special shout out to the family...thank you for all that you do for me...I can't wait to see you!
For homework go hug every person of your family and tell them I love you!

Elder Legerski
Mu zola beno

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