Monday, August 24, 2015

An Airport With No Gas???

Hello everyone how are you!?
   I am so happy to hear from all of you this week and I just want to thank everyone for all of the emails that you sent me! I love seeing all the emails when I come to cyber on Monday and it just makes me smile!

   Well this week was quite an interesting one! To start, we were going to Brazzaville as planned but as the week went on, it was something quite more than that! To start, Tuesday morning we got up early as usual and we got ready and we went to the airport. Elder Bacera took with him his infamous apple bag that he found in his apartment. We had someone who wanted to bribe us in the airport, but we just gave him a brochure so there was no problem with that! We got all of our bags checked and we were off to Brazzaville!

   Right as we landed I saw my teacher, Ngonda, who taught me for 3 days in the MTC before he came back here to work for the mission office! It was really different, because now I can speak French and I was able to communicate with him! But he is doing really well! Then we went to the mission office and we were able to meet the Nelsons and all of the other people and see the stake center and meet a lot of new missionaries, which was really nice...oh, and it was the first time that I had ever met sister missionaries in the mission since they are only at Brazzaville! But we all went in and we talked about what we need to do and what we shouldn’t do as trainers so that we can become good trainers. Then we ate and went back to the assistants apartment which is super big and super nice! Because they were there, I got to see Elder West again, as well as Elder Kabenga and Elder Rokotodrabaeharison! We had a lot of fun together and the next morning they headed off to the airport to go home! It was really nice seeing them all one last time.

   Then we went to the mission office and waited for the new missionaries! Their plane was late, but eventually we met with them and I got to meet my new companion, Elder Tshibanda number two! He is from Lumbumbashi and he is the first African companion that I have had who was born into the church and he is 18 years old which is really rare! But he is tall and goofy, just like me, so we should get along just fine! But after that, we went to the Monga's house and ate and it was so good! Sister Monga made Saka Saka for us and I loved it! Then that was the end of the day for us.

   The next day we had training for the new missionaries and we booked it to the airport to catch our flight. But the airport was out of gas, so we were stuck in Brazzaville! So we went back to the assistant's apartment for the day. The next day there was still no gas' so we went to sector with Elder Nzema and contacted for 5 hours and taught at the end of the was a really long and hard day, but it was good. The next day, Saturday, we didn’t know anything, so we went and did service in shorts and dress shoes and man did we look good! But after we were there for about 10 minutes, we got a call so we went and got our stuff and waited at the airport. We were there from 10 am to 5 pm and we just sat there and waited the whole time,,,we got really bored. But we finally got a flight and got back to Pointe Noire at 8 at night. It was a really long week and I'm really glad to be back home!

   But that’s about all for this week; I hope I'll have some better news this week! I love you all and thank you all so much!

Elder Legerski

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