Monday, August 10, 2015

She Doesn't Cry When She Sees Me!!

   Hey everyone back are you!? This week has been a really good one for us here in Pointe Noire and I'm looking forward to this next week! I just want to say thank you to all of the people who sent me emails this week...I really look forward to them and each time I read an email that someone sent me, I just have the biggest smile on my face because I love reading about your lives and what you are doing!

   But this week was a really good week for us here in Pointe Noire; I'm gonna talk a little about Jules. He is a kid that we met 4 weeks ago and ever since we met him, this kid is always at the church! He is really awesome and he really likes meeting with us! We have been working with him many times this week and he will be baptized this Friday (because of the nation holiday that will be held on Saturday)! When we talked to him about it, I was really amazed by how well he understands and how strong his testimony is. He already assists seminary and I think even mission prep and it amazing how much he already knows! We are really excited for his baptism this Friday!

   Also, we talked to Justavain. She has got to be my favorite ami by far, just seeing the change that she has undergone since we started the lessons with her is so big and now she loves talking with us! Even her youngest daughter, Stephanie, who used to always cry when I came over because I'm white…(yeah that happens a lot:)…. now runs up to us at church and when we come,  will say "hi" to us. But we talked with her about the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity and she had some doubts but as I bore my testimony on these things, I got a really powerful feeling and I knew that the spirit was with us and that he was testifying of truth. It was a really great moment and was made even greater when she agreed to keep these 2 commandments so that she may be baptized.

   We also had a zone conference this Friday, so we got to see President Monga and he was able to teach us a little bit. And most of what he talked about was studying and it was really good for me. He talked about how we can take our study to the next level and how we can learn more and progress faster as missionaries. I really liked this because I feel like the mission has really helped me learn how to study and I feel like this skill will really benefit me when I come back home and I go to college!

   But that’s all for this week folks! I will see you all in one week! And for homework you can all go smile at one random person and spread a little sunshine!

Elder Legerski!

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