Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Raining, It's Pouring!!

Dear family friends and people from all around the world,
  Il fait chaud (It's Hot!) but that's old news. Here in Brazza, all is going well. We had a good week here in Guynemer and it was really awesome cause we are disciples of Jesus Christ and we preach unto people so that they may have eternal life. Thank you so much for all that sent me emails this week...I really enjoyed it! I hope that you all had a super good week back home and all you college students aren't being too lazy!

   Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of good stories for this week so far. Just going out and working as hard as we can. But this Sunday we had a really cool experience. This Sunday it rained for the second Sunday in a row and when it does, most of our amis don't come to church because the rain just pours and most of them walk to church. But even with the rain, our 66 year old ami Loubaki came to church. It was just really awesome to see him walk through the gate and we went to save him with the umbrella and it really just made my day. When we sacrifice to keep the Lord's commandments, I know we will be blessed! 

   This week was a really good week for teaching good amis. There is a member who has had a girlfriend for 4 years because marriage is so expensive and she really hasn't wanted to talk with the missionaries. But now she is opening up to the church and she really wants to meet with us.  We were able to talk with her on Saturday and had a really amazing lesson and the Sunday after that, she came to church (even in the rain!) and we were so happy to see her! We are really praying that the Lord can touch her so that she may know that these things are true. 

   But that's about all for this week. We're going on to yet another week! I can't believe that we are 11 days into January! The time flies on a mission! But I hope you have a very good week and I will see you next week! And as a challenge, I want you to all go drink tangawiss (a drink made with ginger:)!

Elder Legerski

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