Monday, January 18, 2016

We Won't be the Church Next to the Trash Anymore!!

Dear family and friends how are you doing!?
   This week was a really good week and it was really busy for us here in Guynemer. We had lots of meetings as well as lots of time in the sector and it was a lot of fun. It seems like we have too many amis to see now so we are working our butts off! But I hope that you all had a  good week and I want to thank all of you who sent me emails...I really appreciate it! Also, I wanted to wish my little sister Skya a Happy Birthday on the 24th!! I love you so much!

   But the best news that we got this week is that we will start going to church in the new church built building this Sunday the 24th! It is a huge blessing that we have because it is only the second one that has been built in the whole mission and the only one here in Brazza! We are hoping to invite a lot of people and we are hoping that it really helps us with missionary work and reactivating inactive members. And we won't be the church next to the trash anymore! Kevin S. Hamilton of the 70 will be coming to dedicate it, so it should be exciting! I'll do my best to send photos next week so that you can all see!

   This week I got a really cool opportunity to assist at a training for the Stake because of my calling and it was really amazing. The focus for this year here in Brazzaville is missionary work and they are really encouraging members to invite their friends to talk with the missionaries because if amis aren’t fellowshipped by members, then baptisms are really hard. But I got to go and talk on missionary work and I saw that they are planning on dividing the Stake and every ward so we have a lot of work to do!  It's really cool to see the planning that goes on and how we just have to go out and work and bring souls to our Heavenly Father! And because of that, our bishop came up to US this week and asked us if he could work with us this week:)  I encourage all the members back home to invite their friends to speak with the missionaries and to come to church! It's scary, yes, but the Lord will help you and He will bless you as you try and do his will!

   Other than that, there is no new news! We're just going to do our best this week to invite everyone we meet to church and to invite them to follow Christ! I hope that you all have a really good week and that you are all staying warm in the cold! I love you all so much! For a challenge, go make some doughnuts!

Elder Legerski

P.S. Elder Dou and I made 8 and a half liters of yogurt. So awesome!

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