Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last E-mail from the MTC

Hello everyone!
 I hope you are all doing well! Its crazy how fast time flies; it seems like just yesterday that I got here and it's already nearly 6 weeks later and I'm about to leave for the mission field. I can't wait to be out in the field and doing missionary work!
The MTC is as good as it can be for right now. FYI, there is no Halloween in Africa, Mom:) I leave next week sometime and I do not know my address yet but I will try and find out. We still have chicken and rice everyday but by now we are all used to it and we don't really mind it! The French is coming very well. I've picked up my studying this past week and I am starting to understand more and speak more.  It is still very difficult, but I know the Lord will bless me as I do His work.
I must say that the Elders here are very good at soccer; however, they are not good at basketball at all:) We joke that Africa is the only place in the world that a white man can beat a black man at basketball:D Anything that has to do with their hands is very hard for them.  Also, all of our hair was getting long so we held a haircut night last night and we all cut our hair short, even me! I guess I have accepted the fact that I'm gonna have short hair for 2 years.
I do have a very interesting story for you all. President Robison told us a story during Sunday School. He always says that the church here in Africa is like it was during the Nauvoo period of time in America.  So the people that we teach and baptize will one day become the Bishops and Young Women's leaders of their areas. If any of you know about the Rwanda genocide, you have an advantage on most people. It was a war in Africa in 1994 between 2 tribes that killed approximately 1 million people, an estimated 20% of the country's population. After one shooting, a soldier was walking through the bodies and he noticed a young baby about 3 months old.  He picked it up and took it to an orphanage. 15 years later, a security guard for the US embassy went to that orphanage to play games with the children. There he taught the older boys and girls about his church. One young boy wanted to know more and was baptized by the missionaries. After his baptism, the missionaries found out that this young boy was the first member of the LDS church in his entire country.  And this young man has grown up and is here at the Ghana MTC!! His name is Elder Hakizimana Dady Paul.
Elder Theodore Nsengiyumva (left) and Elder Hakizimana Dady Paul (right)
Here at the MTC in Ghana we are so blessed to have people like this come through our doors.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be here at the MTC. Even though it is very hard, I do love it. Every day brings its own challenges. I feel just like you, Mom; sometimes I wish I could go home, or I want to just take a nap:) I want to see my younger brother play football and my little sister play volleyball. I feel frustrated and upset and discouraged. But when I feel like this, I get down on my knees and pray. The Lord will strengthen me and He will strengthen all of us. I'm so glad to be doing His work. I must go though; someone go have some Cafe Rio for me:)
Much love,
Elder Legerski.
ps. We got a new American missionary and he is from Star Valley, Wyoming!

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