Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hello everyone!
I hope you are all doing well! The MTC keeps getting better and better the longer I am here! We all got to watch General Conference this Sunday for 4 hours and it was amazing. Never before have I been so excited and already I cannot wait for the next one.  This is a group picture that is on the slide show, and it is of our district.
Say "Cheese"!!
We are all in a class together and we all have become very close, but 3 of us are going to the Ivory Coast, Elder Larson and I are going to the Congo and the rest are going to Benin. My mission includes Cameroon, the Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Rio Muni. As Elder Larson and I did research, we found that the equater cuts our mission in half and goes through one of our cities directly, so its going to be very hot and humid there, much unlike Wyoming:)
Outlined in blue is the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Brazzaville Mission (Elder Legerski's mission)
The highlights of the week are few, but they were well worth it. Our lunch lady is very sweet and she takes pity on us white American elders so she made us cheese omletes one day and cheeseburgers and fries the next. You can say that we were just about in tears as we ate it. And we were in tears again as we went back to rice and chicken the next meal;)

Chicken...and rice....again:)
As you know, Elder Whitt got Oreos from his family so we all had one and I don't think I have savored anything as much as I savored that Oreo. It's funny, the longer I have been here, the more I look forward to breakfast and last night as my room and I were talking, we noticed that we are so excited for breakfast for one reason: a hunk of bread with butter on it! That is all. We love that bread and as the days fly by, I realize that I am starting to appreciate things much more.
My French is coming along as fast as it can. We learn lots and lots everyday and as a challenge, my room decided to speak only French for a day. We lasted until 3:00 pm, when sports started, but it was very good for us and I was suprised to find out I knew how to say and understand a lot of French. 
Yes...I am studying. A lot:)
I thought now would be as good a time as ever to talk about my teachers. They are Brother Taki and Brother Djoussou.  Brother Taki is very nice and it was his birthday on Tuesday so we all sang to him; he is very driven and motivated and drives us to do our best. Brother Djoussou is very funny; we get distracted a lot with him. He says we wants to move to either Wyoming or Ohio and marry a cowgirl. We have no idea how he knows about Ohio, but he sure does love it.
Learnin' lots!!
Also, on Sundays our Sunday School teacher and priesthood teacher is President Robison. He is great; he comes in and talks to us and asks for feed back and also leads and guides us. I feel lucky to be in the Ghana MTC because we get to be so close with everyone and even our President knows us personally.
Our mission President and his wife, the Robisons
During sports time this week, we all decided that we would play soccer. It is very hard and some of the Elders here are very good and they think it is very funny to make us white boys look stupid. It is very fun but I would much rather play basketball.
Defending the goal
Elder Larson using his head:) As Elder Legerski looks on
Look at that footwork!!

I hope all is going well back home. I am learning so much about the gospel and the French language here it is crazy! One piece of advice I have for everyone is to read your scriptures; never before have I wanted to read them so badly and now I find I never have enough time. So feast upon the words of Christ and find comfort in them. Our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to do all that we can. We are all children of God. The time here flies and I cannot believe that it has been nearly 4 weeks! I hope all is good back home. Someone please go have a 20 piece McNugget for me.!!!
Much love,
Elder Legerski

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