Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My New Experiences!

Hello everyone!
I hope you are doing amazing! Sorry for everyone that I do not get to write to... I do not have very good internet and I have very limited time.
The French language is coming, but very slowly! We're learning about tenses and it is becoming very confusing but it is coming along.  At night, we play card games with our districts so that we can practice our verbs, as well as our numbers.
The MTC is still the same! But something I left out is that we are in a little compound and there are walls all around, with an electric fence at the top! And the church building has bars on every window so it is very different from the US.

Ghana MTC
The cafateria was very interesting this week. I learned that after you cook a chicken, you can eat the bone.  So one by one, we ate the bone and it tastes gross, as you can imagine, but at least I'm getting to try new things! Also, we got ice cream and brownies one night, along with beef, so we Americans felt like it was heaven!
We got to go to the temple this week as well and it was amazing! For mom, the session is in English, as well as with French translators! We got to do baptisms for the dead as a district and I got to be baptized by Elder Boatang. Other than that there is not much that has gone on. We did not get to watch conference on Sunday, but we get to watch some of it next Sunday, so we have to wait, but it is with patience:)

Elder Legerski and Elder Boatang

Also, I'm so glad that I brought so many ties. The African elders here love the American ties and we Americans love the African ties. I have been able to trade many ties with elders that I have come to love and care for.

Ghana MTC Group picture
 (and I think I see a few African elders sporting Elder Legerski's ties:)

Sending pictures takes forever, but I'll do my best to send them as often as I can! I have to go though, so I wish you all the best and have fun with your lives in America and go eat some Mc Donalds for me!                
Much love!
Elder Legerski

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