Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Laundry, African style:)

Hi all of you!!

Sorry if my email isn't great this week.   All I have really been doing is language study!  We get up early each day and we go into a class room until about 9 at night; we are learning lots but it is still very, very hard! So far I have learned how to introduce myself in French, how to say a prayer, as well as testify and kind of have a 10 to 15 minute lesson! It gets very, very frustrating at times but we all have a good time together and it is a lot of fun.

District d'Abinadi

The food here is not good and it seems to be getting worse. We have rice and chicken without fail for every meal but breakfast. One day we had bean and fish soup that smelled like pig slop, but I had some to keep my strength up. But for the most part, it was gross and Koltin would have puked if he had smelled it:D

Sorry if I'm not super detailed; I have a limited time to email and my pday will be on Wednesday or Tuesday every week depending on the schedule. This week all of the 2 week Elders left and it was very hard for some reason. Even though they were here for only 2 weeks, we have come to grow and love them. I will attach a few pictures of some. They taught us how to wash clothes in buckets like they do.
Laundry Day
Although we do have laundry once a week, you run out of exercise clothes fast because you sweat so much when you play. The washing was not that bad, even though all the African Elders laughed at us white boys; they helped us and it actually washed your clothes a ton.
 Elder Legerski and one of his favorite African brothers,
Elder Addey Williams
The days seem to drag on and we live for Sundays and pdays, but we are surviving well enough. Every night we have lots of people in our room because the black Elders love to talk with the big white boys. If I say "we" all the time, I'm sorry. I am always with Elder Whitt, Elder Miller and Elder Larson and we do everything together.
Elder Legerski and another of his favorite African elders,
Elder Edeh 

The new Elders that are coming in are all French speaking, so we are going to quote "get thrown in the deep end". All meetings will be held in French so hopefully we learn fast so we can survive! Even though I only have 4 weeks left here, I cannot wait to be out in the field and teaching people. I love you all so much and I hope all is going well. I send my best wishes from Ghana!

Elder Legerski

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