Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm lovin' it!

Hello everyone!!!

         Everything is going great here in and I am just loving it! It is still hot as always but rainy season is creeping in on us real fast with rain almost every night.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been raining in the day so it has still been really hot during the day, but that’s not a bad thing! I know I'm used to it now because when I walk outside in the morning, it doesn’t even feel super hot; it is just normal weather! And before I start my letter, I just want to thank former Sister Unrast for the letter that she sent me; I appreciated it very much!! Also I want to thank everyone who wrote to me...I really appreciate it!!

The new digs (Go Pokes!!)

View from the new apartment

        The subject that I want to talk about this week is accepting the situation that you are in and making the best out of it. The beginning of this transfer was really rough with me: a new companion and one that did not speak my language at that, a new sector where I did not know the amis, and a whole new branch and new people to go with it. This past week our transfer orders came and at the beginning of the transfer, I was really hoping to get a new companion or at least be transferred to another city. But the letters came and nothing has changed, but this past week has realized why that is so. With my companion, I did not do all that I could to get along with him and I harbored feelings against him and I just told myself I would endure this transfer with him. Dumbest thing that I could have done! This week we finally sat down and talked; I expressed my feelings and he expressed his and we talked it out and this past week has gone so much better! So the lesson learned is to talk with people, don’t just hope things work out or change. Now for the branch and the amis, there are only some things that you can do but they make all the difference. I learned with the branch that I need to learn how to learn their story and to be a normal person with them, not just a stuck up missionary! Then with the amis, I need to care how their week went, talk about it, listen, and talk with them. So all in all this last week has been a very good one! Also one of the benefits that came from having a companion who only speaks French is that my French has improved a lot! I can now express very easily what I want to and I can add whatever I want to in the lessons with the amis. It does not mean that I am perfect, but I have a base that I can continue to build on each day.
2 Cooks in the kitchen: Elder Mwehu and Elder Legerski
     Also, I want to talk about what I learned in personal study this week. I began to highlight everytime there was a reference to Jesus Christ and to pay close attention to the things that He says. Even while doing this for only a short time, I came to know my Savior a lot better than I had before. I saw many patterns in how He did things and how He is so caring and gave so much for me. I know that the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ and that in reading the Book of Mormon, one can come to know their Savior better than ever before.

Elder Legerski and a new ami

    This next week will be a very big one with lots of activities for the Relief Society and working with several amis toward baptism! I just want to thank everyone for everything that they do for me and I hope that you will all have a fantastic week! Thanks to my mom and sisters for eating some wings for me...I appreciate it! And the task for this week is to drink some chocolate milk and to read 1st Nephi 12!

Elder Legerski

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