Monday, March 23, 2015

Lending a helping hand

Hello Everyone!

How are you doing back in the United States!? This week for us was so busy I can't believe how much we have had do to! But first off, I want to wish my Aunt Jamie and my Uncle Troy congratulations on their new born baby boy! I can't wait to get home and to meet him! Secondly, I would like to wish my little brother Koltin a happy early 18th birthday! I can't believe you're almost that used to be so small! Oh wait, you still are….JK! But anyways, I'll get on with my email. This week was the week of preparation for the anniversary of the Relief Society and we were very involved, so that will make up most of my email.

We started the week off on Wednesday when we all went down to an orphanage and gave service. We all got together and sang a song and prayed and shared a few opening words and then we got down to business! Almost right away we understood why the sisters had asked us to come. We got stuck on yard work duty, and when I say that, I mean canal duty. Now in Cameroon they have these canals on the side of the road where people throw all their trash and dirty water and when it's not cleaned, it turns into black sludge. Now our task was to remove the sludge and to put it on the side of the road. It was so much fun! But in all honesty, it was so nice to get into the community and to help out and just give back. The sisters cooked food and washed clothes and cleaned inside and then afterwards, they presented a gift to the orphanage. All in all it was time well spent!
The orphanage where we helped out
The final event was just like a big ward party! The sisters played soccer early in the morning but we were in Bonaberi with the other Elders for a baptism, so that was really awesome!
Elder West, Noumbou, Dimitri, Nöel, & Elder Kabasele
After soccer the sisters prepared food and then we all came inside and started. There were talks given and a little fashion show of all of the sisters in their matching dresses. Songs were sung and even a rap, which was created about the Relief Society was sung:) We got the chance to invite a lot of amis and many came!

The Relief Society sisters in their matching dresses

The sisters cooking us some yummy food!!

The main reason why I wanted to talk about this was to talk about the role of women in our church. The women are so important! And a lot of the times in the world, women are thought to be secondary but that’s not true at all. Women are completely equal to men at all times. And a lot of times, when it comes to spirituality, I think they're a lot better! Many times I think back on working with the sister missionaries and how much I enjoyed it and how awesome they are. I can't even began to express the thanks that I have for my mom! Everyday I think: I miss my mom or wow, keeping an apartment clean is hard I should thank my mom for all her hard work! I guess what I'm saying is thank you to every woman who has helped me along the way and a special thanks to my mom and grandma. I hope that one day I can find a wife who is as good as you!

But that’s about all for this week! Other highlights were seeing Elder Johnson off to Point Noire for his final transfer! We all got together and cooked ndolai and miondo and it was really good! We played phase ten and just hung out so it was nice. Also, I got the chance to go on splits with Elder West and Elder Kabaselle this week! Thanks to everyone who wrote me... I really appreciate it and I can't wait to hear about next week! Someone go eat a breakfast burrito for me and go read 1 Nephi Chapter 12 (thanks to former sister Unrast for the inspiration!)

Love you all!
Elder Legerski

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