Monday, May 11, 2015

Africa is Full of Surprises!

Hello everyone!
   Coming at you from halfway around the world but that’s nothing new now! I just have to say Africa always has some real surprises for you no matter where you go. For one, there are hummers everywhere! And two, I saw a Ford Raptor today and it was so sick! Made me think just think of how the heck it got here! Also, if I was to play basketball with a bunch of Africans on an 8 foot hoop, you might as well call me Michael Jordan because I balled up on some people this morning. On the downside, my body feels like I ran a marathon...I'm a little out of shape!!
   This week has been one that has been very jam packed and busy! We had General Conference again on Saturday and Sunday and then we were able to talk with our families on Sunday night! It was really awesome and I really enjoyed it! It just makes me miss my family even more, but over all it's not that bad because I know I am where I need to be right now! I'm going to try and send some photos home but the connection is not very good so I just hope they go through and I hope you all like them!

Elder Mwehu and Elder Legerski

Elder Larson and Elder Legerski: Models in Africa:)

Leaving for Limbe: Elders Legerski, Kabasele, West

A Pensive (and cheesy:) Elder Legerski on the beach at Limbe

   For my entries this week, I'm going to write about two friends who we are teaching together: Uriel and DeChris.  DeChris is the older brother of Presley, who will be baptized this coming Saturday; he has met with the missionaries before but he stopped and because of his little brother he has started to take the lessons again! This week we had a super awesome lesson with them and it was over The Plan of Salvation. The Plan of Salvation is one of my favorite things so learn about as well as teach with investigators. The focus of the lesson was Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We talked about how they ate the fruit and that they were cast out, as well as how this brought both joy and sadness into this world. It was just awesome being able to teach that and the Spirit was really strong and they both understood it so well. It was a super awesome lesson and they both understood that if they had not fallen, then we would not be here now. I also loved when Elder Holland talked in General Conference and connected this fall (which is such a blessing for us) with the Atonement. Because Christ came and died for us and took his sins upon Him, He overcame this fall and He gave us a chance to become clean and not fallen and return to our Father in Heaven. I am so thankful for Him and the things that He did for me. But when He died for us, He gave us a way to use His Atonement and it only works if you repent and follow His gospel. It's crazy that as you serve, you begin to see how everything in the Gospel connects and how each thing has its own role, but it leads into another principle.
   Well that’s about all for this week folks! For Sister Unrast, go look in third Nephi chapter 11:5. I thank everyone that wrote me this week... I really appreciate it! For all my friends up at Powell congrats on graduating! I wish I could be there to see you all! For your challenge  this week, go eat some buffalo wings for me! For my address here it is:

Elder Zachary Legerski
Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
P.O. Box 1177
Pointe Noire
Republic of the Congo

But packages don’t get here at all so just send letters please! If you want to send me a package send it to the Douala address and when someone comes here they will put it in their luggage for me! But that’s all for this week...until the next I love you all!!!

Elder Legerski


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