Monday, May 4, 2015

Fugitive in the Congo:)

Hello everyone!
   This is Elder Legerski coming at you from a tiny little cyber on the side of the road. Things are a lot different here in Pointe Noire! But I'm doing well and I am absolutely loving it here! I would just like to thank everyone who wrote me this week...I am so thankful. Know that I love you all and I pray for you guys all the time!

   So I'll go ahead and  tell you a little bit about last Monday and how that went! We went to Limbe and it was so much fun! We went to the beach and all of us Elders were able to walk in the ocean a little bit and as well as walk on the beach which was amazing! After all that fun we went to the animal park where we got to see a ton a monkeys and chips and even gorillas!!! It was so much fun and now I can actually say that I have seen some African animals while I came here!!!! Also we rode up in the back of the truck so every time that we came to a place where the cops stop you (which is a lot) we had to close the back so we were in a sauna!! But it was really coo... I really felt like a fugitive and all in all in was really awesome!!

The beach in Limbe

Elders Kabasele, Mandefu, Sperry, West, Legerski, Mwehu, Larson, & VanAusdal
at the Limbe Wildlife Center

 Elders Kabasele, Legerski, West, Larson, & Mwehu
   Then Wednesday came and I was being transferred, and let me tell you when you have to pack your bags up all over again it really stinks!! But I got on my flight over and we didn’t have any problems so it was all really awesome!! It's so nice going through the airport when you are actually able to speak French and know where to go!! Finally, the Bailey's picked us up and we got to go eat dinner at the Bailey's which was awesome!!! They are an awesome senior couple! And our apartment is right upstairs from them! So we get little perks now and then like brownies!!

   But a little bit about Pointe Noire, it's really awesome here! But compared to Doulala and Cameroon, it is a little  bit poorer. In our sector, we have almost no paved roads it is just sand and sand and sand! My calves are gonna be pretty cut after I get done here. The local language is Key Congo and pretty much everyone speaks it so hopefully I stay here long enough so that I will be able to pick up some. Also, I have the opportunity to go to the only church built building in my entire mission and it is awesome!! It's so nice and sometimes I even feel like I am back in America! And even better than that, we get to play basketball there every Monday!! As for the work here, it is just awesome. We have nearly every lesson with a member present because the young men love to work with us! So they walk around in the heat and suffer with us for one day out of the week! We have tons of amis! We had one day with 9 lessons this week and man was I worn out after that!

   My companion is Elder Mbikayi and is sounds nothing like how you spell it!  But he is just such a stud! Every lesson I come away feeling like I know just nothing but it is so nice! I've only been with him for a few days, yet I have learned so much! He is from the DRC and he has only been a member for around 4 years. But he has such a strong testimony and I just love him to death! We are in our apartment by ourselves and it is very small! I can't even describe it but I will try and send some photos home soon!

Companions for the Aéroport Branche:  Elder Legerski and Elder Mbikayi
The "Zone" of Pointe Noire as of April 30, 2015
Back row: Elder Beutler, Elder Larson, Elder Legerski, Elder Waite, Elder Etherington
Front Row: Elder Kabaya, Elder Kabongo, Elder Mandefu, Elder Mbikayi,
and Elder Andriamiasinarivo 

  This week I'll talk a little about Presley who is one of our investigators. He is just such a stud! We have met with him just a few times and he already knows all of the doctrine and he is super excited to be baptized! Unfortunately, we had to move his baptismal date back to the 16th of May because of General Conference but I'm glad that I'll be here to see it! I can't wait to get back and meeting with him! He already has a solid group of friends and I know that he will be well set in the church!

   Also this last week, I have really tried to better my personal study and one thing I focused on was the nature of God and Jesus Christ. I have been forming a relationship with these two for quite some time and its growing more and more every day. But I went through all the scriptures in Preach My Gospel and I really turned it on to me. I tell my amis these things, but I need to know them first. I read and then I wrote who my Father in Heaven is and who my Savior and Brother is. This helped me so much and it just strengthened my testimony that this church is true!!

   I just love missionary work, even when it stinks sometimes! I know these things are true and I can't wait to get back out there and do the work! For a challenge this week, everyone pray for Elder Larson because he is opening up a new sector which is super tough! Thank you all and I love you so much!!

Elder Legerski

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