Monday, October 19, 2015

The Simple Joys of a Missionary

Hi family and are you !?
   This week has been really good for us here in the Congo! If you are or were a missionary, you know the simple joy of going out in the sector and working your butt off all day long. Even if you didn’t do much, you are doing something and you are adding to the Lord's kingdom on the earth and that gives you a joy that many cannot describe.
    But for this week, I want to talk about the Albertine family that we met this week. I don’t remember if I talked about them last week, but I know that even if I did, they are worth a second letter. Well, we met them and we started teaching them and from the start, they were just so awesome! The whole family loves to meet with us and they are really interested in the Gospel. We taught them about the Restoration this week and the Spirit was so strong in all of the lessons! You can tell that God prepared them and that they are meant for us. And also, all 4 kids came to church this Sunday and they all loved it! The mom didn’t come but she said that she will come on the 1st, so that will be really exciting! At the last meeting with them, we talked about the Book of Mormon and we committed them to be baptized and all 5 of them accepted to be baptized on the 5th of December! I really hope that I am still here and that they will go through with this choice that they have made.

Elder Tschibanda, Soeur Alex and her brother,
Elder Legerski 7-11-15
   Also, during my studies I read in the book of Mosiah and I think it might have become my favorite book in the Book of Mormon! I was really touched with how King Benjamin taught his people, and how he teaches that all we need to do to have eternal life is to be obedient to all of God's commandments. And as we do that, it shows the love that we have for Him. Also, as I read of the people of King Zeniff and how they were cursed or had many burdens, it was all because of what they themselves had done.  Many times when we have hard times, it is because of the choices which we have made, which means that many of things can be avoided if we just follow the small and quiet voice who leads and guides us.
    But thank you so much to all the people that emailed me-I really appreciate it and I love you all! I hope that you have a great week! For a challenge this week, go eat a corn dog!

Elder Legerski

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