Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Humble "Grandfather" and Old Friends

Hey everyone!
   Sorry I didn't get to email you yesterday...we had a ton of things to do and we didn't have time to email! But this past week was a blast. It was the last week with Elder Bacera and Elder Sperry and it was just amazing! And it was also a week full of missionary work! I got to go on splits with Elder Sperry and it was just awesome! But we had a really humbling experience. We thought that we were going do really well together and have really spiritual lessons, but the day was just okay.  When we came back, we talked about that and we saw that it was the Lord's way of teaching us humility and that we had been prideful and it was really humbling and an awesome lesson to learn.

   Then on Friday, I went on splits with Elder Temahuki who is from Tahiti and it was just amazing! He is my "grandson" (I trained the Elder who trained him) on my mission and I was in my old sector with him.  I got to see Loubake and Joriane, who were 2 amis that I taught and it was really awesome and we had really amazing lessons! But also because of transfers, we got a new person in our team: Elder Mpongo! So he just got here and we will be working with him for this transfer!

   As the time flies by I just never have enough time to do all that I want but I just keep trying my best to stay focused and to get better! I love you all so much and I hope that you have a great week back home! For a challege this week go and eat some Grubs for Elder Crandell and I!

Love you all!!
Elder Legerski

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