Monday, May 16, 2016

Splits, Stake Conference, and Mac & Cheese with Ketchup?

Hey everyone how are you doing!?
   So once again it's really hard to remember what I did all week, but I know that it was a really good week;)  I got to go on splits with Elder Stephens and it was really fun. He has been out for 3 months and he still doesn't speak super well, but it was really fun to go and work with him and really help him with his French! Also this week, we had a meeting with a security guy from South Africa and he talked about safety and things that we need to do and he told us that we are really lucky because our mission is really safe. Elder Sperry and I had to traslate for him and it was really hard because I kept switching back to French and forgetting English words! Also, this week we had Stake Conference! It was really fun to go to and see all of the different people from the Stake and also to be taught and it makes me really excited to go back to Stake Conferences back home!
   But our amis are doing really well and we have really been working on finding new amis and contacting people and it has been really great. We fixed a baptism date with a young man named Jhonathan that we have been teaching and we are really optimistic because he was given to us by a member. Also, we talked with Jean de Dieu about the Book of Mormon and it was really good. He finally understood that only God can tell him if the Book of Mormon is true. It really strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father has let me know personally that the Book of Mormon is true. As I have read it, it has really helped my testimony of Jesus Christ grow. 
   Well, that's about all for this week...I love you all so much and I hope you all have a really good week! And for your challenge, Elder Sperry said that you should eat mac and cheese with ketchup! 
I love you all!
Elder Legerski

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  1. Elder Stephens Mom here. He was sooo excited to go out with Legerski! It was a much needed change. He loved it. He is grateful for the help with his French.