Monday, May 2, 2016

See Ya'll on the 10th of August!!

Dear family and friends,
  I'm tired. One thing about missionary work is that it is really hard and really, really tiring. I'm just really tired all the time. We played basketball today and Elder Sperry and I feel like old men already. We're probably gonna go home and take a nap.
   But even in spite of all that, everything was really good this week. As far as the amis go, things were a little hard but all is well. We had zone conference and it was really amazing. We learned about what the apostles want us to work on and it's really been changing our work but it's been a good change and we are really hoping that we see the fruits of our work. Elder Sperry, Elder Bacera and Sister Twikala all testified for the last time so it was really cool to see. 
   But one thing I want to talk about today is Sister Simonne. She is a recent convert and has had some trouble working on the Sabbath day because she has a hard time paying her rent. We talked with her on Friday and told her that if she wants to be blessed she needs to come to church and not sell. But on Saturday, her boss guy came and asked her for money that she didn't have. So she called us and told us that she had to sell. But we told her that even with this difficulty, if she trusted in the Lord he would bless her. And this Sunday, she came to church!  It was really amazing to see her exercise her faith and come to church. 
   But that's about all for this week. We are going to Pointe Noire this week to work with the missionaries there so we are pretty pumped and we are looking forward to working hard with them. I love you all so much and I hope that you all have a good week. For a challenge this week, go and eat some monkey bread!

Elder Legerski

PS.  My official homecoming date is August 10!!!

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