Monday, June 22, 2015

Brothers in Baptism

Hello everyone!

  I hope you are all doing good in America! Just to let you know that here in Africa, people talk about America so much that it seems like I don’t even know what America is like! I feel like I have lived my entire life here in the Congo! I guess I'm just used to speaking only French and being surrounded by black people. America has just turned into a giant black hole and I have no idea what goes on there! But enough with that! My week was really good this week!

The Pointe Noire Elders before Transfers
The Pointe Noire Elders after Transfers

   These week we were blessed to have Uriel's baptism! He came to the church because of his friend DeChrist, who was just baptized a few weeks ago! Uriel has been progressing really well in the gospel and his testimony has really been growing. He asked if DeChrist would baptize him, which is really cool.  DeChrist has only been a member of the church for 2 weeks and already he has the chance to baptize his friend! We went over on Saturday morning and showed him how it would work and what he would need to do and we thought all was well! They gave us some food, which was fried rice with chicken stomach (it is surprisingly good!) Then we all headed up to the church together. As DeChrist went to baptize Uriel,  we ran into a few problems! The first time, he didn’t get him completely under the water and the second time he didn’t say the words right but finally the third time, he got it completely right! But as he was putting him under the water, he saw that he wasn’t going to get him completely under, so he practically just let him go and let him fall into the water! And you just hear Uriel try and breathe and swallow up some water and start chocking! But Dechrist got him up and all was well! Then on Sunday, I was able to confirm him a member of the church and it was a really great experience! It's so awesome being a missionary and seeing all of these people change their lives!

   In addition to the fantastic experience of Uriel's baptism,  I had my first ever ami come to church on Sunday! Sylvie is a lady who the Baileys met and we started teaching and she is awesome! She was born in France but she is Spanish and she speaks the two languages perfectly! Oh, she also speaks English, German and  Italian! She has had a really rough life and moved here to Congo 7 years ago. She has really had a spiritual experience and she has come to know that there is something that is acting on her. We have been teaching her for a few weeks and it has been going really well! We asked her to be baptized this last lesson and she said that she doesn’t know right now, but she sees that as she has started to meet with us that her life has really started to improve and it is so awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon and I know that as she reads she will get an answer to her prayers!

   The last thing I want to talk about is the lesson Elder Bailey gave on Sunday about fasting. As he was talking,  he said that we can use fasting as a tool to strengthen our testimony. Often times we fast because we have to, but we don’t have a specific goal. But as we have a goal set, we will unlock the power of fasting and we will see the blessings that come because of this principle of the gospel.

   Well, that’s all for this week folks! Koltin, I hope you're doing okay! It’s a good thing that your head is so hard! But thank you so much to all of the people that wrote me this week...I really appreciate it! I love hearing how your life is going and how you are doing! I love you all so much! I have been learning some of the local language so maybe I'll become trilingual! Someone go eat some grated cheese for me!

Je sais que Tata Nzambi zola beto!
Love Elder Legerski

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