Monday, June 29, 2015

Bucket Showers and The Blessings of Sacrifice

Hello everyone!

   This is Elder Legerski coming at you from Pointe Noir.  It's been really cold lately but it just reminds me of home so that's good! This week has been a super good one! We got a new couple so we are very thankful for that! Now we have the Bills who will replace the Baileys so we are all very happy! They are really nice and I know that they are going to take really good care of us! They have been out on the mission as long as I have so I think we are going to have a good time together!

   Also our water pump is broken so we haven't had any water! But no worries...we have buckets! You're not really in Africa unless you have to take a few bucket showers and wash your clothes in a bucket.

   This week has been a really good one with the amis! We have Jean and his family who are progressing really well. They weren't able to come to church because they circumcised their son who is like 6 years old...ouch! So we had so move back their baptism date to the 18th of July, which is a bummer, but it is more important that they are ready.

   Also we have been working with Alex and she has been doing really well! We have been meeting with her for a long time, and she will be baptized the 11th! We are really happy because when we last met with her, she said that she really likes coming to church because she knows the people there now and she can see her friends.  It's really awesome when the members really get with people who are new in the church because it makes the missionaries' jobs so much easier because they are encouraged by their friends to do the right things.

   This week in church we had a lot of really good lessons! When we were in the amis class, we talked about sacrifice and how we need to learn how to sacrifice to become like God and as we sacrifice things for the will of God, it prepares us to live with him again one day. And it hit me as I was sitting there that God sacrificed so much for us. One, He gave us His only son Jesus Christ. He also gave us so many things, like the world and all the things that we have. He created and did all these things so that we could be happy in this life.  Even if we do not do His will, He still loves us and gives us blessings.
   Also, in Elder's quorum, we talked about President Eyring's talk from general conference.
And as we did that I realized that when we know that we act in accordance with the will of God, we will be happy. Because we know that He is the most important person in the world; God lead us and we followed him. It's not always the most fun thing in the world, but we will have a joy inside us after we do it.

   I know that the things that we as missionaries do are what God wants us to go. And that's why missionaries are always so happy, because we share the good tidings with everyone! I thank everyone who wrote me this week...I really appreciate it! I hope everyone has a good week and I will write you guys in a week! Someone go have some chicken nuggets for me!

Elder Legerski

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