Monday, June 8, 2015

Life is a Beach

Dear friends and family,
  The internet here really, really stinks, so I hope that I will be able to send you guys an email this week! This week was a really good one for us here at Pointe Noire! We got our transfer letters and it turns out that my companion will be leaving for Cameroun and he will be working in the sector that I left! And now I will be working with Elder Tchinbanda which I am really looking forward to! I heard he is a great Elder, but unfortunately he will be leaving at the end of this transfer! But this transfer affected a lot of people. Only 4 people stayed and 6 left, so things are going to change a lot!  Elder Beutler and Mandefu went home and it was really sad to see them go! It seems like everyone that you meet on your mission should just stay a missionary until the end of their lives!
   This past Monday we were able to go to the beach as a zone and eat and just have some fun and it was really awesome! We were able to just relax a little bit and talk as missionaries so it was a lot of fun.
Happy Birthday Sister Monga!!
Food, glorious food!
Elder Legerski playing "Place the Stick": keep your feet behind
a line and see how far out you can place your stick without falling!
Elders Legerski and Larson (aka:the Twins)
Elder crazy eyes Legerski
The Pointe Noire Zone 
   This email won't be too long because we were held in the apartment for all of Friday due to some things and it was such a long day! It's weird how now all I think about is missionary work all I wanna do is missionary work and even all I dream about is missionary work. It's really weird; honestly I have no idea what it is like to be a regular person!
   But this week was a really good week. We were able to meet with John and his wife Laticia and it was really awesome! We set a baptismal date with them, which is the 11th of July and we are so excited for it! During this last Sunday, John got up and talked about how he has found peace and love in the church and he has finally found a place where he can stay. It was such an awesome experience and something that I will remember forever!
   Also, we had the baptism for Dechris and it was really awesome! He bore his testimony after and it was really awesome. It's so cool as a missionary to see how people change their lives and as they do so, to live in accordance with the Gospel, that they find happiness. He asked me to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was really nerve racking, but I think that I did a good job! It was such an honor to do this for him and I will always remember this.
   As a missionary, I have really learned the importance of all these things and being an instrument in the grand plan of God has been such an honor. We are all so imperfect, yet through God we can be made strong. I have loved seeing how now that I understand all this, that I can see the hand of God in everything!  Even when things are tough, we know that one day they will be light.
   I took the challenge to read the Book of Mormon in a month and I started Tuesday and now I'm in Mosiah 25, I think, and as I read, I love seeing how if we simply keep the commandments, that we are blessed. God doesn’t ask for a ton of things, He just asks that we love Him enough to keep his commandments.
   Well that's all for this week folks! Thank you so much to all the people who sent me letters! I got them from Hannah, Sister Unrast, Megan E., and Troy and Jamie! I love them all..thank you so much! Also, congrats to my little brother on graduating and good luck in the Shrine Bowl! Go get one for the South! I love you all so much! Someone go eat some mac and cheese for me!

Elder Legerski

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