Monday, June 15, 2015

Come and Serve in the Congo

Hello everyone back home!

   Coming at you once again from the Congo ! I just want to thank everyone that wrote me and for all of the emails ! I loved seeing how you are all doing !!

   Well this week was a really good one ! Elder Mbikayai  left and he is now in Cameroon ! Because of jet fuel shortages, they stayed at the airport all day and finally left at night when we got all of the new Elders ! So we got 4 new elders in our zone and 2 in our district ! Elder Kabasele came here and I have lived with him before, but also we got Elder Bacera and Elder Kabenga and Elder Tshibanda ! My new companion is Elder Tshibanda ! He is from the DRC and he is 27 years old ! Yeah, he's a grandpa but what are you gonna do:) Because he is so old, he only has 5 weeks left on his mission ! So we're gonna do all that we can to keep this work here going ! This week was a really really good one, but it was also really stressful ! This is the first time that I was left with a sector, so it's been really trying knowing where to go and where to take the bus and when to get off.  Luckily, I have been managing and we have only gotten lost a few times ! But our sector has been going very well ! The work here is just amazing ! In this last transfer (or 6 weeks) we have had 139 lessons, so it's been a lot ! And the amis are doing so well !

Elder Legerski and Elder Tchibanda will be the missionaries for the Aéroport Branche.

   We have several people who are doing very well ! To start, we have John and Laticia, who are a husband and wife that we are teaching ! They love church and they come every week and we have set a baptism date for the 11th of July with them ! It is some thing that is so exciting to see ! This is the first family that we have taught and I love it ! We taught them about the law of chastity this week and I really liked the lesson. While we were teaching, it just hit me how important it is that we are married when we have kids and that we need to be faithful and to treat our spouse right. Because the example we set for our kids will be the example that they will pass on to the next generations ! And as we do this, our family will grow and our home will be a home where the Spirit can reside. We also have Uriel who will be baptized this coming Saturday ! It's really  been awesome to see how he has grown and he told us that as we have taught him, he has really seen a difference in his life and it has been for good. It's really awesome being here in Congo and laboring in the Lord's vineyard and I love it with all my heart ! I know this is the best mission in the world ! But unfortunately, we have 5 entire sectors without missionaries and after the end of this transfer we will have 7, so everyone fill out your papers so you can come to the Congo !

   This week, I have been reading in the Book of Mormon and I have really loved seeing  how
everything in it comes together. It just reassures me that there is no way that Joseph Smith could have written this book on his own and that it was translated by the power of God. I am in the middle of Alma and I have been reading about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I really liked reading and learning how the Atonement gives us the way to have faith and to repent and if we accept it and let it change us, we will do things that we can't even believe. Je sais que si nous applicons l’expiation de Jesus Christ que nous pouvons surmonter nos epreuves ! (I know that if we apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we can overcome any test.) Et que cette sacrifice est le plus important choses dans toute l’histoire de la terre ! (And that this sacrifice is the most important thing in the whole history of the earth!)  This week, I have really focused on language study and I have learned to love French ! Unfortunately, the weird thing is that I never know what language to read speak or to write !

   That's all that I have for you this week ! I hope you all are enjoying your summer and the nice hot weather ! Its about 80 here and its cold season ! So no sweating at all in the sector and I have to wear a long sleeve shirt at night because I get so cold ! But I love you all ! Congrats to my little bro on the Shrine bowl ! South is still the best ! Someone to eat some muamba for me !

Nzambi Vana Nge

Elder Legerski ! Aka Tatu ! 

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