Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Wyoming Cowboy in Africa!

Good afternoon everyone!
   We had a little bit of trouble with our internet so my email will not be super long but I will do what I can to make it a good one! First off, I would like to say thank you so much to all the people that wrote me this week...I really appreciated it! And second, I would like to say congrats to Brayden Flack; you're coming to Africa buddy! It's no Francophone mission but it's still Africa so you are in the brotherhood!

Elder Legerski and Elder Mbikayi taught Presley the Gospel.  Jhostavie is his friend and baptized him.
   Well, this week was just a really really awesome week! I got to go on splits with Elder Beutler, who is our zone leader. We are the same age but he came out right after high school and he goes home next Wednesday. He is such a good missionary and I loved working with him so much! Its crazy to see how even though we are the same age, he is so far ahead of me in missionary work because he has been doing it for about 16 months more than I have! But it was so nice to be able to talk with him and to work with him! While we were with him, we had a really cool experience at an amis house. We were talking with Alex, who is a 17 year old teenager. And last week, I shared with her my dad's experience (by the way thanks Dad!) about when we pray, sometimes we just have to stop and listen so that we can hear God's answer. As we followed through to see if she had read the Book of Mormon and if she had prayed, we asked her if she had gotten a response. And usually this is a no most of the times. But she said yes and she went on to explain how she got her answer and she said that she would be baptized on the 27th of June! It was so awesome and I know that it was all God and I know that He does answer out prayers if we are willing to listen with our spiritiual ears!

   Second we had 2 people have interviews this week; only one passed, the other one didn’t. This was really a bummer, but after talking with the ami, we saw that it was just a mistake.  Other than that, the ami was really ready so they will be baptized on a later date, so that’s not too bad of a problem. But we did have an ami who did pass and Elder Beutler said that he was really ready for baptism and that he had a really strong testimony. I really liked when he said that when he was bearing his testimony, it strengthened mine. This is so true and that’s why we have things like fast and testimony meeting, because every time that we share or listen to a testimony ours is strengthened.

   One of the most exciting thing for this week is the fact that we had a whole entire family come to church on Sunday!!!!!! It was the most amazing thing to see! And that’s the first time that that has ever happened on my mission!!!! We are really working towards baptism with them and I hope they will be baptized before the end of the month!! Families are so amazing. I miss my family so much, but this work is worth it because it blesses other families.
Elder Bailey, Sylvie, Paco, Elder Legerski and Elder Mbikayi enjoy Sylvie's
meal of "paella"
Paella!! I ate it....shrimp and all.  And I loved it:)
    Well, that’s the end of my letter for this week. I love you all so much! Ah...I forgot but we are teaching a white French lady! She cooked a Spanish dish (not Mexican, Spanish...there is a big difference!) but I ate shrimp and loved it! Mom and grandma you would be proud. Also, I love avocats now. But someone go eat some chinese food with curry for me!

Elder Legerski

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