Monday, February 15, 2016

Avocados and Amis!

Hello family and friends how are you!?
   It's still hot here, but the rainy season is coming back and things are cooling down a little bit, so that's really nice! I wanted to thank everyone for their emails; I really appreciate it and I hope you all had a good week! This week was just a normal week for us. We didn't have any unusual things that went on! But our dmp Ken is going on his mission to Lumbumbashi on Wednesday so we are having a special family home evening for him really soon which will be really nice! It's funny because they play the Hokey Pokey and none of them speak English so I am really looking forward to it!!
   As I said, this week was just a normal week in the sector. We have been working with 2 people so that they can be baptized on the 28th of February. One of them is Marina and he has been an ami for a long time, but he has a smoking problem, so we talked with him and set up plans to help him stop smoking. We also gave him a special blessing and since we have talked with him, he hasn't smoked and he is on track for his baptism. He is really amazing and he comes to church every week and he even comes to institute every Saturday. Respecting this body that our Heavenly Father gave us is really important and as we do so, he will bless us.
   Also, we have been working with a girl named Fabia who will also be baptized on the 28th. She is 23 and she really likes the church as well. She brings her friends to church and to institute as well. We talked with her about Joseph Smith and how important he is for us and what he did for us. 

   But other than that, we have just been working really hard trying to find new amis and to teach and just do everything we can to come unto Christ.  I don't think I have ever been this tired in my life, but I haven't done a work that is more important than this work. As we progress on our mission, we start to realize how short these 2 years are and want to do all that we can to use this time to its fullest. So it results in us being super tired, but it's super fulfilling. Being a servant of the Lord is just awesome!

   That is all for this week folks! I hope you are all surviving in the cold back home! Were here eating the avocados from our tree in our yard. Yeah, that's one of the really awesome parts about Africa, picking fruit off the tree in your yard and eating it for breakfast! I love you all so much and I hope that you all have a great week and I will see you again next week! For a challenge this week, go eat some ribs!

Elder Legerski

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