Monday, February 8, 2016

New Area, New Responsibilities:)

Hello family members and are you!?
   Here it has been really hot (even more than usual) so I have been sweating a lot! Now I am living in Diata in an apartment which was for the Bills before they went to Pointe Noire to be the senior couple there. Its probably the nicest apartment in the mission and we are here with Elder Nzema and Feshour and Mikanda and its really big, pretty much a house, so today we had to work our butts off to clean it! 
   But as for being an assistant to the president, there are only a few things that have changed.  We still have a sector and we still go out to sector every day, we just have some other things that we have to do. This week Elder Temahauki came from Tahiti and we had to go get him at the airport because President wasn't there and we had to pick him up and do a little orientation with him.  Also, a few days before that, Sister Lenge from the DRC got here and we had orientation with her and we went over to President's house and we got to eat so much! And also we got to see most of "Meet the Mormons" and it was awesome! But other than that all is going well here in Diata!
   This sector is a pretty good sector and it's one of the biggest wards in the city so it's pretty nice! We had a ward missionary come out to the sector with us almost every day and it went really well. We are really trying to get to know the members and see if they have people that we can talk with and it's been working really well. We have to earn their trust and then they will share the names of their amis they think we could share the Gospel with.  Elder Mikanda and I work together really well and we are really working hard together even though we are both new in the sector. So we are searching and having some good baptisms and helping out this new ward!
   But on a sad note, I saw Elder West off on Wednesday and now he is home! It was really bittersweet to see him off. Seems like it was yesterday that we were together in training back in Bonaberi!
   But I love you all so much! Thank you for all those who wrote to me this week; I hope you all have a good week and I will see you next Monday!! For a challenge this week, all of you go and eat some green cake!! I love you all!
Elder Legerski

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