Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day from Africa!!

Hello every are you doing!?
   Happy Leap Day from Africa! I would like to thank everyone that wrote me this week and tell you that I really appreciated it and that I love you all!  This week was a super busy one! We had a lot of stuff to do as assistants, so we didn't get to work a whole lot. But it was still a great week!
  To start it, I wanna tell you all what we did on Friday morning. We have an avacado tree in our yard and every time that we went outside in the morning, we would find 4 or 5 that had fallen. So I climbed up the tree and picked all the big ones and threw them down to the other Elders and I picked 118 of them! And I only picked about a third of them that were there! It was so awesome! Also, we ate a papai from our papaya tree!
   But this week was good. We had Elder Jomie from Guadalupe, who came into our mission, so we had meetings for him this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And because he is being trained by Elder Rakatoarimanga, Elder Kabeya came and is working with us as a three some! So it's been a little different working as 3 but it's also been really cool! And now we have transfers this Saturday and we are already at our max for missionaries, so we will be adding 5 new elders! Now we will be having some temporary sectors opened up and we will have 4 teams (so 8 elders) in our apartment so it will be a party! 
   As I mentioned last week, Marina had his baptism on Saturday and he chose me to baptise him and it went really well...he was really to plunge! He bore a really powerful testimony afterwards and then on Sunday, he brought his friend with him and he sang in the choir, so it was really awesome to see. 
And that was my week in a nutshell! We played soccer for about 3 hours today so I'm gonna be sore this whole next week! 
   I love you all and I hope that you have a great week full of joy and laughter! And for a challenge, drink some pumpkin hot chocolate for me!
Elder Legerski

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