Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Amis Continue to Progress!

Hello dear family and friends how are you!?
   I wanted to thank everyone that wrote me this was really amazing to hear from all of you and I hope you have a even better week than this last one!
   This week I don't have a lot of things to say. It was a really good week and we just got out and worked really hard. We only worked one day without a member and because of that, we are really starting to find new amis, new people to teach and people that are interested in our message. But that's about all that I have to report for this week! I just realized that I left my planner in my other bag, but oh well!
Elder Legerski and Elder Dou
 getting a weeks worth of water for the apartment
   As for the transfer, Elder Kabeya will be leaving our team and we will be back down to 2 people but he will be in our apartment still! We have 5 missionaries who will come into our mission on Wednesday so we will have a lot to do with meetings and all that fun stuff! It's always good to get new missionaries in the mission and it's really exciting being able to meet them all. 
But I do have very good news for everyone even if I don't have a lot of histories (stories)!  Elder and Sister Bills came to do a training because they will come back to Brazzaville to replace the couple that will leave next Monday. Anyway, I talked with them and they told me that John Matoko and Jean Beri, 2 of my converts, will receive the Melchizedek priesthood and that made me so happy! It's so good to see people keep on progressing even after their baptism! And also Loubaki and Nancy, who I taught in my last sector, will be baptized this Saturday so our hard work is starting to pay off! But that's all! Missionary work is amazing!
   But for a challenge this week, go eat some bbq ribs for Elder Freshour and I!
Elder Legerski!

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  1. I have been reading your blog since November! My son is one of those 5 new Elders. I'm so excited for them.